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Red Agate Gemstone Mala Polished Wood Yogananda Bracelet
Price $70.00
Price $45.00
Polished Wood Yogananda Bracelet
The 108 Red Agate beads we use shine with an infinite variety of rich amber brown hues. Although one of our most simple malas, it is one of the most popular and affordable. This beautifully made hard wood bracelet contains 11 sepia colored images of Paramahansa Yogananda. It's an exquisite piece of jewelry.
Indian Om Scarf - Purple Moss Agate with Pyrite Gemstone Mala
Price $12.00
Price $75.00
Indian Om Scarf - Purple
This scarf is so light that you will forget you have it on - except that you will be snug and warm. This exquisite Moss Agate and Pyrite mala uses are rare combination of gemstones to reveal a rainbow of greens - all the varieties of green in Ireland!
Silver Globe Locket with Christ, Krishna & the Masters Hanuman, Indian Classic Comic
Price $95.00
Price $7.00
Silver Globe Locket with Christ, Krishna & the Masters Hanuman Indian Classic Comic
This cleverly crafted Silver Globe Locket is one of our favorite pieces of jewelry. It opens to reveal color images of Christ, Krishna & the Masters in a row! Hanuman is a central figure in the Indian epic the Ramayana and is regarded as the epitome of unfaltering devotion. He is a Vanara, one of a special race that lived in the forests and were imbued with great strength and virtue. In this story, Rama's wife Sita has been adbucted by Ravana and is kept on the island of Lanka. Rama sends his faithful Hanuman to the rescue, but he is soon stopped in his tracks when he encounters the ocean off the South of India. On the way he encounters all sorts of demons and tests, including a mountain that magically rises from the ocean and asks him to rest!