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Blue Spiritual Eye Cap The Simple Joys of Christmas by Timmaris & Jeff
Price $21.00
Price $16.50
Blue Spiritual Eye Cap The Simple Joys of Christmas
Our blue Spiritual Eye cap makes a statement - and looks really good!
The Simple Joys of Christmas is aptly titled - these carols are best listened to before a nice warm fire whilst roasting chestnuts. Timmaris McDowell sings with her usual beautiful, clear voice, while Jeff Calcara plays perfect accompanying guitar.
Gift Set of Five Oils with Free Carved Diffuser Silk & Wool Wedge Meditation Cushion
Price $40.00
Price $75.00
Wedge Meditation Cushion
A great gift and even greater value!

This gift set includes all five of our quality oils, with a free Hand Carved Om Design Diffuser.
Our silk and wool Meditation Wedge Cushion is designed by both meditation and posture experts specifically for meditation. It is unequaled for support and comfort. When placed on an upright chair it will put you in the perfect upright position - ready for meditation.
Jyoti Gita by Swami Nirvanananda Gold Sri Yantra
Price $16.50
Sale Price: $9.90
Price $24.99
Jyoti Gita by Swami Nirvanananda
Another wonderfully uplifting CD from Swami Nirvanananda. Each chant is... Sacred Geometry in Gold!
This stunning and uplifting Gold Plated Sri Yantra is laser cut in exquisite detail from solid brass and then plated with 18 karat gold.