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Spiritual Eye Stained Glass 15 inch Christ Meditating with Globe
Price $88.00
5" X 7" Price $6.99
Available up to 16" X 20"
Spiritual Eye Stained Glass Christ Meditating with globe print
15 inches in diameter, this hand-made stained glass Spiritual Eye artwork is equally impressive placed in front of a window, built into a door or wall, or simply hung above a desk or altar.
A beautiful painting of Christ meditating with Globe.
Spiritual Eye Large Silver Pendant Kriya Oil Droppers
Price $45.00
Price $7.00
Spiritual Eye Large Silver Pendant Kriya Oil Dropper
This large Spiritual Eye Sterling silver pendant is 3/4 inch diameter and comes with a fine silver chain. We turned a mundane oil dropper into an object d'art, something suitable for a Kriya Yogi to use! It is made from a deep cobalt blue glass to which we added a beautiful real gold foil Om.
Smoky Quartz with Carnelian Gemstone Mala Gold Sri Yantra
Price $80.00
Price $24.99
This gorgeous smoky quartz with carnelian gemstone mala emits a beautiful shining translucence that changes appearance and color depending on the light and clothing it is worn with. It matches everything! Sacred Geometry in Gold!
This stunning and uplifting Gold Plated Sri Yantra is laser cut in exquisite detail from solid brass and then plated with 18 karat gold.