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Silk & Wool Meditation Blanket - Royal Purple Black Onyx with Swarovski Crystal Mala
Price $85.00
Price $140.00
Silk & Wool Meditation Blanket
These are our new extra long, extra comfortable, pure silk and wool meditation blankets.
Talk about stunning and powerful - black onyx and Swarovski crystal lend this mala an unmatched air of beauty and sophistication. It not only looks good but is an extraordinary mala to meditate with as well, as the crystals provide a subtle but powerful focusing energy for the onyx.
Patchouli Spa Gift Set Spiritual Eye Stained Glass 15 inch
Price $24.99
Price $88.00
Spiritual Eye Stained Glass
Feeling kind of '60s ish, or just want to smell real good?
A fragrant selection of Patchouli Bath & Body favorites, making the perfect gift for the Patchouli Lover
15 inches in diameter, this hand-made stained glass Spiritual Eye artwork is equally impressive placed in front of a window, built into a door or wall, or simply hung above a desk or altar.
Sandalwood Spa Gift Set Gold Flower of Life
Price $24.99
Price $24.99
A fragrant selection of Sandalwood Bath & Body favorites, making the perfect gift for the Sandalwood Lover, packed in a cute vinyl travel bag. Sacred Geometry in Gold!
This beautiful and uplifting Gold Plated Flower of Life is laser cut in exquisite detail from solid brass and then plated with 18 karat gold.