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Gift Certificate Meditation Arm Rest Cushions
Price $29.00
Meditation Arm Rest Cushions
Supreme Swan Gift Certificate Our meditation arm rest cushions are silk and wool and come with adjustable velcro straps to fit any type of arm rest.
Journal for Introspection Spiritual Eye Large Silver Pendant
Price $19.99
Price $45.00
Journal for Introspection Spiritual Eye Large Silver Pendant
Journaling holds the key to introspection and self-improvement. Paramahansa Yogananda said, "Introspect to know yourself as you are". This large Spiritual Eye Sterling silver pendant is 3/4 inch diameter and comes with a fine silver chain.
For God and Guru Gold Pen Black Onyx with Swarovski Crystal Mala
Price $4.90
Price $140.00
For God and Guru pen
Quality gold "For God and Guru" pen - goes well with a Supreme Swan journal Talk about stunning and powerful - black onyx and Swarovski crystal lend this mala an unmatched air of beauty and sophistication. It not only looks good but is an extraordinary mala to meditate with as well, as the crystals provide a subtle but powerful focusing energy for the onyx.