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Eternal Divine Friend by Elda Om Guru Om
Price $16.50
Price $16.50
Eternal Divine Friend by Elda Om Guru Om
Eternal Divine Friend is excellently recorded and delivers a mellow, contemporary sound more reminiscent of Enya than Elda's familiar kirtan chanting that many of us are familiar with. This is a refreshing first album, hopefully the first of many. This beautiful CD was recorded by the well known Indian Singer Meeta Ravindra, performing with SRF's excellent Sao Paulo Kirtan Group.
Nag Champa Glass Candles Om Chrome Metal Car Sticker
Price $12.00
Price $4.95
Om Chrome Metal Car Sticker
These genuine Nag Champa candles are hand poured from a blend of vegetable waxes and have cotton metal-free wicks. The subtle fragrance is perfect for an altar, or if you just want to warm up your Sacred Space. Our excellent line of Chrome Metal Stickers look great on your car, windows, bottles or any flat surface.
Hanuman, Indian Classic Comic Green Tara Travel Altar
Price $7.00
Price $8.50
Hanuman Indian Classic Comic Green Tara Travel Altar
Hanuman is a central figure in the Indian epic the Ramayana and is regarded as the epitome of unfaltering devotion. He is a Vanara, one of a special race that lived in the forests and were imbued with great strength and virtue. In this story, Rama's wife Sita has been adbucted by Ravana and is kept on the island of Lanka. Rama sends his faithful Hanuman to the rescue, but he is soon stopped in his tracks when he encounters the ocean off the South of India. On the way he encounters all sorts of demons and tests, including a mountain that magically rises from the ocean and asks him to rest! This beautiful, intricately painted Green Tara Travel Altar is perfect for your sacred space, the office or a hotel. It is truly portable as it folds flat to fit into a 5" X 7" envelope.