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Lapis Lazuli Om Pendant - Nepal Collection Nag Champa Hand & Body Lotion Gift Set
Price $19.50
Price $19.99
Lapis Lazuli Om Pendant - Nepal Collection

This beautiful Silver Om Pendant is coated with a thin layer of lapis lazuli and red coral. Our Nepal Collection pendants are hand made by Tibetan and Newari artisans and come all the way from Kathmandu, Nepal!

A fragrant selection of Nag Champa Hand & Body Lotion favorites, making the perfect gift for the Nag Champa Lover
Krishna and Shishupala, Indian Classic Comic Black Onyx with Swarovski Crystal Mala
Price $7.00
Price $140.00
Krishna and Shishupala Indian Classic Comic
Shishupala's mother was shocked when she learned that her son was to be killed by Lord Krishna! She extracted from Krishna a promise that he would forgive his son of any wrongdoings a hundred times. Alas, Shishupala managed to offend Krishna one hundred and one times, and then.... Talk about stunning and powerful - black onyx and Swarovski crystal lend this mala an unmatched air of beauty and sophistication. It not only looks good but is an extraordinary mala to meditate with as well, as the crystals provide a subtle but powerful focusing energy for the onyx.
Sandalwood Spa Gift Set Silk & Wool Wedge Meditation Cushion
Price $24.99
Price $75.00
Wedge Meditation Cushion
A fragrant selection of Sandalwood Bath & Body favorites, making the perfect gift for the Sandalwood Lover, packed in a cute vinyl travel bag. Our silk and wool Meditation Wedge Cushion is designed by both meditation and posture experts specifically for meditation. It is unequaled for support and comfort. When placed on an upright chair it will put you in the perfect upright position - ready for meditation.