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Om Chrome Metal Car Sticker Jyoti Gita by Swami Nirvanananda
Price $4.95
Price $16.50
Sale Price: $9.90
Om Chrome Metal Car Sticker Jyoti Gita by Swami Nirvanananda
Our excellent line of Chrome Metal Stickers look great on your car, windows, bottles or any flat surface. Another wonderfully uplifting CD from Swami Nirvanananda. Each chant is...
Italian Marble SRF Altar Yellow Om Cap with Blue
Price $445.00
Price $21.00
Italian marble altar Yellow Om Cap with Blue
We have seen many beautiful altars over the years, but this one is in a class of its own. Measuring 33" long by 12" high, the altar is large enough for small groups and centers and also small enough to be used as a very special personal altar. Made from imported Italian marble this...
One of our most striking caps - yellow with a dark blue Om!
Enlightened Buddha Travel Altar Silk & Wool Wedge Meditation Cushion
Price $8.50
Price $65.00
Enlightened Buddha Travel Altar Wedge Meditation Cushion
This beautiful, intricately painted Enlightenment Buddha Travel Altar is perfect for your sacred space, the office or a hotel. It is truly portable as it folds flat to fit into a 5" X 7" envelope. Our silk and wool Meditation Wedge Cushion is designed by both meditation and posture experts specifically for meditation. It is unequaled for support and comfort. When placed on an upright chair it will put you in the perfect upright position - ready for meditation.