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Spiritual Eye Stained Glass 15 inch Amma
Price $88.00
4" X 6" Price $4.99
Available up to 16" X 20"
Spiritual Eye Stained Glass Mata Amritanandamayi
15 inches in diameter, this hand-made stained glass Spiritual Eye artwork is equally impressive placed in front of a window, built into a door or wall, or simply hung above a desk or altar.
A beautiful picture of Amma
Spiritual Eye Silver Ring Aum in Blue Wallet Card
Price $60.00
Price $2.50
Spiritual Eye Silver Ring Aum in Blue Wallet Card
These beautiful eye catching Sterling silver Spiritual Eye rings are available in size 5 to 14 It's always good to travel with a saint if you can, so we've made it easy for you with these beautiful wallet cards of the Masters.
The Path - Soulcards Note Card 10 Pack Amethyst with Rose Quartz Gemstone Mala
Price $25.00
Price $80.00
Soulcards - The Path
This beautiful series of Soulcards is the creation of friend and photographer extraordinaire, John Kalani Zak. Each Soulcard is like a visual meditation and radiates peace and stillness. Amethysts have the reputation for being one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, and you can see why when you behold this remarkable Amethyst and Rose Quartz wrist mala.