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"A fascinating collection of books about Paramahansa Yogananda written by friends and disciples."
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The Little Star's Journey by Natalie Hale
The Little Star's Journey by Natalie Hale
Price $13.00

The Little Star's Journey: A Fairy Tale for Survivors of All Kinds, is a story of courage, endurance, and unconditional love.
Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers? by Robert Arnett
Price $20.00

Robert Arnett, was inspired to create Finders Keepers? by the innocence of a child he encountered in a village in India. The boy returned to the author his lost wallet and would not accept a reward. The concept of accepting a reward for doing the right thing made no sense to him!
Finders Keepers Spanish Language Edition
Finders Keepers? Spanish Language Edition
Price $20.00

¿Es Mío? Una historia verdadera en la India - Finders Keepers? A True Story in India by Robert Arnett, is a very sweet story now available in Spanish - thank you Mr. Arnett.
The Great Year Adventures
The Great Year Adventures
Regular Price $23.00

The Great Year Adventures - the Yugas as explained by Tommy the Time Travelling Turtle...
A Divine Friendship Beyond Time
A Divine Friendship Beyond Time: Paramahansa Yogananda and Mary Lou Edwards
Price $24.00

A minister first recommended we carry A Divine Friendship Beyond Time, and after reading it we know why. We couldn't put it down - it is totally charming and engaging. The story of Mary Lou Edwards, a lady from Atlanta, Georgia and her "unexpected" meetings with Paramahansa Yogananda in 1945, is extraordinary and full of surprises.
Lost Star of Myth and Time
Lost Star of Myth and Time
Regular Price $25.00

A groundbreaking book that provides scientific evidence to prove that our Sun has a companion star, which is the key to explaining the science behind the Yugas...
Dream Weaver by Gary Wright
Dream Weaver - Music, Meditation and My Friendship with George Harrison by Gary Wright
Price $27.00

Best known for his multiplatinum hits "Dream Weaver" and "Love Is Alive", Gary Wright came to prominence as a singer and songwriter during the golden age of rock. Among a select group of fans he is also known as someone who plays keyboards (the organ!), at Self-Realization Fellowship's famous Lake Shrine temple.