Supreme Swan, LLC

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Supreme Swan, LLC
290 Mar Vista Dr
Vista, CA 92083
Tel: (760) 525-5977

For the last thirty years meditation and yoga have been my mainstay. During that time, my energy and focus have gradually shifted away from the hectic and transient world of corporate business, towards one in which the values of kindness and caring for one another matters most. This led to my wanting to make available gifts that truly uplift and inspire, and that is how Supreme Swan came into being.

Whilst I am not completely disavowing the corporate world, after all, there has to be one, I find much more satisfaction and fulfillment these days in creating things locally that inspire and please. Supreme Swan is part of a growing trend of small cottage industries that focus on utilizing people and skills locally. We have found it more satisfying and enjoyable working this way plus we are helping to sustain a local economy and other small businesses like us.

We could produce things cheaper in China or elsewhere and pass on the savings to you, but would that really be a saving? We don’t think so. We believe that simply producing cheaper and cheaper goods without strengthening the underlying economy, quality of life and environment is worthless. It leads eventually to moral and economic poverty.

I have a vision that we are moving toward a world where there will become a network of many thousands of small, useful businesses like ours that will crisscross the globe one day, ending poverty once and for all. I'm an optimist and it’s good to have a vision!

Thank you for troubling to read this far and for your support.

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