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Listen and Follow
Listen and Follow by Timmaris & Diane
Price $16.50

This is a wonderful devotional recording made by many devotees in Southern California in 1995. We had heard some of these songs before and have spent years trying to find them again. Thank goodness we did because this is a beautiful CD.
For a Child's Heart
For a Child's Heart by Timmaris & Diane
Price $16.50

If you have children and want them to hear uplifting songs, then this CD is a must. If you don't have children this CD is even more a must because you will become a child yourself when listening to it!
The Simple Joys of Christmas
The Simple Joys of Christmas by Timmaris & Jeff
Price $16.50

The Simple Joys of Christmas is aptly titled - these carols are best listened to before a nice warm fire whilst roasting chestnuts. Timmaris McDowell sings with her usual beautiful, clear voice, while Jeff Calcara plays perfect accompanying guitar.
Christmas Meditations by Timmaris
Christmas Meditations by Timmaris
Price $16.50

There is something magical about listening to the organ playing during an all-day Christmas meditation at one of Self-Realization Fellowship's temples. Now you can experience this uplifting music any time and anywhere thanks to these lovely Vocal Renditions of Songs Sung at SRF Christmas Meditations recorded by Timmaris.