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"All the Indian Classics in a format we can All understand"!
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Ganesha Indian Classic Comic
Ganesha, Indian Classic Comic
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These comics are endearing to the young and old. Reading them is an inspiring and fun way to learn about India's saints and sages - and it's a lot easier than studying the Vedas!
Mahabharata Indian Classic Comic
Mahabharata, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

The Mahabharata is the great Indian epic of which The Bhagavad Gita is a part. The story begins with a petty family feud that results in the bad Kaurava brothers tricking their good Pandava cousins out of a Kingdom. Even Lord Krishna was unable to stop the unfolding wars and bloodshed that followed...
Abhimanyu Indian Classic Comic
Abhimanyu, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Abhimanyu is the handsome and much loved Pandava prince, instilled with his father Arjuna's courage, Lord Krishna's wisdom, and the patience of his uncles. These incredible tales from the scriptures make Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne seem tame! These are the DC Comics for the ages.
Draupadi Indian Classic Comic
Draupadi, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Draupadi was no ordinary woman. Born from the pure flames of a sacred fire, she was the devoted wife to the five extraordinary Pandava Brothers. Not satisfied with winning just a Kingdom, the evil Kauravas also wanted Draupadi. They got far more than they bargained for as Draupadi's indignation inspired a deadly war...
Hanuman Indian Classic Comic
Hanuman, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Hanuman is a central figure in the Indian epic the Ramayana and is regarded as the epitome of unfaltering devotion. He is a Vanara, one of a special race that lived in the forests and were imbued with great strength and virtue. In this story, Rama's wife Sita has been adbucted by Ravana and is kept on the island of Lanka. Rama sends his faithful Hanuman to the rescue, but he is soon stopped in his tracks when he encounters the ocean off the South of India. On the way he encounters all sorts of demons and tests, including a mountain that magically rises from the ocean and asks him to rest!
The Pandit and the Milkmaid Indian Classic Comic
The Pandit and the Milkmaid, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

The Pandit and the Milkmaid is a delightful tale told by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. No one could illustrate the flaws in man better than Sri Ramakrishna, and at the same time inject humor and wisdom into even the worst situation to bring out the best in everyone.
Guru Nanak Indian Classic Comic
Guru Nanak, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikhism who helped to heal differences between Hindus and Muslims. One of many stories in this comic is about a miracle that occurred at his death. When it became clear that his death was near, a dispute arose among his followers. His Hindu followers wanted to cremate the remains while his Muslim followers wanted to bury the body following Islamic tradition...
Karna Indian Classic Comic
Karna, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Comics are a great way for children  to learn, which is why they are an integral part of most Indian households. These incredible tales from the scriptures make Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne seem tame!
Krishna and Shishupala Indian Classic Comic
Krishna and Shishupala, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Shishupala's mother was shocked when she learned that her son was to be killed by Lord Krishna! She extracted from Krishna a promise that he would forgive his son of any wrongdoings a hundred times. Alas, Shishupala managed to offend Krishna one hundred and one times, and then....
Krishna and the false Vaasudeva Indian Classic Comic
Krishna and the False Vaasudeva, Indian Classic Comic
Price $7.00

Krishna and the False Vaasudeva, or Pride meets its Doom!

Vaasudeva became proud and boastful because he shared a common name with the divine Krishna, also known as Vaasudeva. The foolish king considered himself the lord of the universe. Confusion and calamity resulted, and together made for a tale packed with humor and sound advice.