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Master's Darshan Tours

A spiritual pilgrimage to India that brings to life the "Autobiography of a Yogi"



Master's Darshan Tours will be leading an incredible Sacred Journey to the awesome Maha Kumbhamela in the city of Allahabad, India.  I have been fortunate to travel with many devotees to these events over the last tweny-one years. Many that traveled in 2001 are returning again in 2013. We will spend four days in the spiritually magnetized vibrations along with millions of Hindu worshipers.

Every twelve years the yogis, swamis and sadhus of India come to this location to bless the devout seeker.  Prayag (the Hindu name) or Allahabad (Muslim Name) has been the site of this Holy festivity for thousands of years.  Here the three sacred rivers come together at the Sangam or bathing site.  Every pilgrim longs to take his or her bath at the  confluence of the holy Ganges, Yamuna and the underground river Saraswati.  Hindus believe if they are able to bathe in this sacred Kumbh (or cup) they will be liberated from this world.  Of course in SRF, we believe this joining of the three rivers happens at the Spiritual Eye when the energies of Ida and Pingala rise up the Sushumna to merge at the point between the eyebrows, then the devotee bathes his or her soul in bliss and finds total freedom in God.

These days will be incorporated into our annual pilgrimage to the Y.S.S. ashrams and many of the incredible places mentioned in the 'Autobiography of a Yogi'.  We will spend 3 or 4 days in each location to absorb the holy vibrations of these destinations.  

We will stay in beautiful hotels at the most desirable sites in each location.  Most of them along rivers with stunning scenery.  Unlike other tours, we will be doing most our travel by air in India.  We may have an occasional train ride but we have found that too many train rides, although much less expensive, wears the devotees down. Our goal is to keep them safe and healthy throughout the tour.

Here are a few of the destinations:
  • Banares/Varanasi
  • Calcutta (Dakshineswar Ashram)
  • Serampore (Sri Yukteshwar's Ashram & Rai Ghat Lane and more)
  • Puri (Sri Yukteshwar's Puri Ashram)
  • Ranchi (YSS Ashram)
  • Taj Mahal
  • Vrindavan (Lord Krishna's Boyhood town)
  • Corbett National Park and Animal Preserve
  • Dwarahat Ashram
  • Babaji's Cave
  • Ganga Beach Camp
  • Rishikesh
  • Haridwar
  • Delhi
  • and much more....

These tours will fill up quickly.  In 2001 over 120 devotees went on these tours.  Each individual tour will be limited to not more than 30 devotee, so please go on-line to the website and fill out the the forms and send in your deposits by January of 2012.

Special Offer - Master's Darshan Tours will offer a $100 Supreme Swan Gift Certificate to customers who purchase one of the above tours as a result of this website.

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