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Journal for Introspection Gold Sri Yantra
Price $19.99
Price $24.99
Journal for Introspection
Journaling holds the key to introspection and self-improvement. Paramahansa Yogananda said, "Introspect to know yourself as you are". Sacred Geometry in Gold!
This stunning and uplifting Gold Plated Sri Yantra is laser cut in exquisite detail from solid brass and then plated with 18 karat gold.
Encinitas Hermitage Namaste Chrome Metal Car Sticker
Price $25.00
Price $4.95
Encinitas Hermitage Namaste Chrome Metal Car Sticker
Print size: 19" X 24"
This intimate view of the back of Self-Realization Fellowship's Encinitas Hermitage, overlooking Swami's Beach and the Pacific Ocean, makes you want to merge into the painting and bathe in the soft, warm vibrations of a holy place.
This Namaste Chrome Metal Sticker looks great on your car, windows, bottles or any flat surface.
Golden Lotus Temple Encinitas Krishna and Shishupala, Indian Classic Comic
Price $25.00
Price $7.00
Golden Lotus Temple Encinitas Krishna and Shishupala Indian Classic Comic
Print Size: 23" X 19"

This charming painting of SRF's Golden Lotus Temple expresses its beauty and loveliness like no other artwork or photograph that we have seen. It really makes you want to travel into the past to be there.
Shishupala's mother was shocked when she learned that her son was to be killed by Lord Krishna! She extracted from Krishna a promise that he would forgive his son of any wrongdoings a hundred times. Alas, Shishupala managed to offend Krishna one hundred and one times, and then....