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Meditation Arm Rest Cushions Krishna and Shishupala, Indian Classic Comic
Price $29.00
Price $7.00
Meditation Arm Rest Cushions Krishna and Shishupala Indian Classic Comic
Our meditation arm rest cushions are silk and wool and come with adjustable velcro straps to fit any type of arm rest. Shishupala's mother was shocked when she learned that her son was to be killed by Lord Krishna! She extracted from Krishna a promise that he would forgive his son of any wrongdoings a hundred times. Alas, Shishupala managed to offend Krishna one hundred and one times, and then....
Small Gold-framed Altar Individual Charms of The Masters
Price $29.00
Single charm price $2.50
Smallgold-frame altar Gold bracelet charms
Measuring just 9" " X 3" " this small gold-framed altar is perfect for small sacred spaces. These lovely small gold-plated charms of Christ, Krishna & the Masters can be used as accents on existing jewelry, or as a set to make your own.
Purchase individual charms for $3.00 each or the complete set of six for only $14.00
Lord Buddha Folding Brass Altar Smoky Quartz with Carnelian Gemstone Mala
Price $190.00
Price $80.00
Lord Buddha Folding Brass Altar

This is one of the most lovely small Lord Buddha altars that we have seen. It is beautifully made of solid brass.

This gorgeous smoky quartz with carnelian gemstone mala emits a beautiful shining translucence that changes appearance and color depending on the light and clothing it is worn with. It matches everything!